Monday, April 27, 2009

They Did It!

Finally, and I mean FINALLY, the girls earned their singing Barbies (well, at least one of them did). The week before Easter we spent with Jason in Pocatello at my parents house. Hallee actually cleaned up her messes and would help me when I asked the entire visit- I loved it! We had been motivating her all week that she would get her singing Barbie on Easter if she cleaned up. So when Easter finally came she was not really satisfied because she wanted that Barbie. So after our morning festivities, church, and dinner at Grandma Dawn's we couldn't keep it from them any longer. They loved it- if you can't tell.
Now the Barbies are constantly singing. There is not an off switch or volume knob!! They drive me nuts and when the Barbies aren't singing the girls are singing the songs that the Barbies sing. It is never ending- but the girls are so happy and that makes Jason and me happy too!


We had a really fun Easter this year. (I made those Easter baskets!!) We were in Pocatello with Jason until late Friday night and while we were there my parents made a delicious prime rib dinner for the entire family. Then when we got home, our ward had breakfast and an Easter egg hunt Saturday morning. The girls colored eggs and found a few goodies.

W heard through the grapevine that at our local highschool, Skyview, they have an annual Easter Egg Hunt. (I think it is more of an Easter egg pick up because the eggs are not hidden). We showed up at about 9:55 and it started at 10 so I dropped off Jason, Hallee, and Jadyn and then Colt and I waited in the car. Jason asked one of the organizers how it works and they told him to run all the way to the back before they start picking up eggs because everyone else starts at the front . Jason did it and both the girls baskets were overflowing with eggs! I think they would have had a blast if it hadn't been cold and raining on them.

On Sunday morning Jadyn was the first one awake. She walked right into our room without checking out her basket or the eggs hidden everywhere so we asked her if the Easter bunny had come. She said, "no." Jason told her to go look and make sure he didn't come. She walked back into our room and said, "He didn't." We had to tell her to go get her basket and bring it to us was filled- just like we thought! :) The girls got sidewalk chalk, playdough, and plates. Colt got a dog book, plate, and the movie, 'Bolt.' Plus, each of the kids had a new outfit and looked adorable at church. (I don't have any pictures because I was video taping this part) We finished off the day with a ham dinner at Grandma Dawn's. They also put together a fun Easter egg hunt and we enjoyed visiting with all our family.