Saturday, December 27, 2008

Santa Claus came to town!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Both our girls woke up before 7 am (a first for us) and saw what Santa had brought them- a table and chairs with new kitchen food and stockings full of surprises. We sent them upstairs to watch 'Tinkerbell' so we could wait until Colt woke up to open presents. He slept almost until 8 am and the girls could hardly wait. Everyone was spoiled!! Santa brought Colt a buggy car that he loves to get pushed around in. Jason got new Sorel boots and I got a beautiful picture of the Idaho Falls temple. Here are the kids with all their loot (and wild hair)!!

Hallee got a princess dress, cowboy boots, digital camera, movie, game & sweatshirt

Jadyn got a backpack, doll house stuff, princess dress, sweatshirt, movie, game

Colt got hat and gloves, garage car set, new shoes, sweatshirt, book, & balls

We spent the day at Grandma Dawn's and Grandpa Randy's and almost all of Jason's siblings were there. I think I counted 19 adults and 23 kids so it was a full house. We had a delicious turkey dinner, opened presents, played games, and visited all day. We even had new snow on Christmas morning. I don't think we could ask for more! Merry Christmas everyone!!

Christmas Sunday

A tradition I have started with our family is to buy the girls new dresses every year for Christmas Sunday. This year was a chore to find something I liked that was affordable. I ended up buying Christmas skirts for the girls and a matching sweater for Colt. We have 9 am church and we had received a lot of snow that morning so I was going to do pictures after church so we wouldn't be late. After church the girls took off their shoes and tights and bows when we got home so I didn't get pictures then either. So, I ended up dressing up all the kids on December 26th to get pictures in front of the tree and fireplace before all the decorations came down.

Monday, December 15, 2008

This Holiday Season

This year, Christmas is such a busy time for our family! Jason is commuting to Pocatello each week, I have been taking vinyl orders like crazy, trying to get just the right gift for everyone on our nice list and juggling our 3 kids! They are so excited for Christmas. We went to see Santa but the girls froze up and Colt was in shear terror. They didn't tell Santa what they wanted but this is what they tell me: Hallee wants the fur-real pony or barbies or a baby carriage and Jadyn wants 'lots of trampolines and swingsets and houses.' However, I think they will be happy with anything. Jason and I really want our house to sell for Christmas (not before but right after would be great).

Someone in our ward or neighborhood has picked our family for the 12 days of Christmas. It has been so fun for us- I feel like a kid again waiting for the doorbell to ring. How nice it is to be thought of at this time of year. Here are some pictures of our kids. Both the girls think it is hilarious to wear our stockings around on their feet. Colt has been really good with the Christmas tree so far. He only takes off the ornaments and he hasn't touched any of the presents. He is so fun and we can't wait to see what he will do on Christmas morning.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2 Peas in a Pod- or on a Bike!

While I was in Pocatello, my dad purchased a tandem bicycle for my mom and him to share. They decided to go out riding in late November and asked me to take some pictures while they 'went around the block'. This is them before they began in the driveway.
I stood there in the cold waiting for my mom and dad to come around the corner- but they never came. They went cruising rather than a quick little trip so this is the only picture I got. (Sorry- I was freezing!)

What a Week!!

We spent the last week (actually 10 days) with my parents in Pocatello. It was an adventure!! On the way to Pocatello, my fuel light came on between American Falls and Poky and I ran out of gas about 30 seconds later!! The gas gauge in the Tahoe has issues (I found that out the hard way) so my husband and dad had to come and 'rescue us.' Sad thing was I could see a gas station about 100 yards away!
That night, Colt was wheezing and was having a horrible time breathing. I got convinced to take him in and get him checked out but all the Urgent Cares were closed and we didn't have a pediatrician in town so we ended up in the emergency room (I do not recommend Pocatello's emergency room BTW). After about 4 hours, 2 breathing treatments, 1 x-ray, and a lot of frustration- Colt was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis. He was given a prescription and is now doing much better.
When we go to Pocatello, we usually bring Tag and let him stay with his 'dog cousins' Matty and Bogey. This time around didn't go so well. He ate 3 of their pillows!! Plus all the dogs were at each others throats. Sad to say but Tag will be staying at home alone when we go on extended stay visits. Sorry boy!
Not everything about the visit was bad though. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and day with my side of family. I got started on my Christmas shopping on Black Friday. Jason and I went to the Festival of Trees together (I am trying to get a picture of us from his work- I will post it if I do). And best of all- my parents were like built in babysitters for the whole week! Hallee, Jadyn and Colt love all their grandparents!!

Here are a few pictures of my kids on Grandma Cindy's piano. Colt especially loved it. He would play a couple notes and then stop to clap for himself. Hallee is wearing Grandma's glasses.