Wednesday, July 28, 2010


For those who might not already know....our family is expecting baby #4 on Halloween! I began my 3rd trimester on Sunday so this baby will be here before we know it. When we told our kids that we were pregnant and the baby was coming by Halloween, Jadyn woke up every morning for about a week and asked if it was Halloween today. The girls also keep reminding me how big my belly is getting. :)

Jason and I had hopes to not find out the gender of our baby this time around but we couldn't leave the ultrasound room without finding out. It is another baby GIRL! The girls are especially excited for another sister.

We have the hardest time naming baby girls so if you have any suggestions or really cute names for us to consider, PLEASE leave a comment.

Here she is sucking her thumb. So cute!

Tee Ball

This spring we signed Hallee up to play tee ball. The first day of practice, Hallee told me she didn't like it at all but by the end of the season she didn't want tee ball to end. We had a lot of fun watching Hallee learn the ropes even though the weather never cooperated much. This year she wore the #5 (my old volleyball number). A few times Hallee hit off of the pitch rather than the tee and after some serious coaxing/bribery- she became a very fast runner as well. But if she wasn't running to the bases, she was skipping to her spot in the outfield or back to the dug out. Hallee is such a girl!

Hallee getting ready to bat in both pictures.

Hallee by the pitchers mound playing some defense. (in the middle)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last Day of School and Kindergarten Graduation

I still haven't come to terms with the fact that Jason and I have a kindergartener and now she is ready for first grade! AAAHHH! Hallee did a great job this year in school. She had met every expectation in class and made alot of friends. Hallee loved coming home and showing off her work. She even learned to love the bus by the end of the year.
For kindergarten graduation, the kids in Hallee's class brought white t-shirts and then signed their names on everyone's shirts and wore them for the big day. They sang a few songs to entertain us all and then they each received their graduation certificate. Hallee standing with her classmates ready to sing.

Hallee getting her certificate from principal, Mr. Denton.with her school friends: Shaylie, Hallee, AliviaWith her teacher Miss McNew

After kindergarten graduation on Friday, Hallee had 3 more days of school but she informed us she had 3 party days at school. The weather didn't cooperate very much so the field day and beach day had to be altered but Hallee didn't want to miss a day. On the very last day of school I asked Hallee if she could believe that it was the last day she would be a kindergartener. She replied, "I am not a kindergartener. I am a first grader in training!" She also told me that if her kindergartener teacher saw the kids in her class in the hall next year and they didn't say hi, her old teacher would "punishment them." :)

Hallee on the first day of kindergarten

and the last day

Jason's Birthday

We had a small, rather uneventful birthday for Jason this year even though he hit a big milestone (Mid 30's!!). He had been working in Boise for a few days before his big day, so the kids and I snuck over to his office and left a little surprise for him. Turned out the kids couldn't keep it a surprise but it was fun anyways. The candy gram said, "Hey Big Hunk- We know it's stwinkie to work on your birthday but your hot wife and cute kids wanted to Take 5 minutes and give you a Riesen to have a very Happy birthday." We left balloons and a mess with confetti as well.

Jason and I went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then shared a chocolate sheetcake with our babysitters (my parents). (thought I had taken pictures of the cake and birthday boy but it was so long ago I can't find them!!) Hope you had a great birthday anyways Jason!