Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Did I Say 1 Haircut?





Hallee has been asking me for a haircut for weeks but I wanted to get her 4 year old pictures done before I chopped it off. Well, we got pictures last week and so she has really been wanting a short haircut to her shoulders (that's what she told me). I took about 3 inches off and she loves it! Hallee went straight to her room and put on a princess dress when we were done. Jadyn saw the whole thing and thought she would get in on the action too. I gave her a little trim. She was so excited but so wiggly the whole time. I'm hoping the cut is straight but it is a good thing her hair is curly!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Can't You Tell?!?

We just gave Colt his first haircut. The first picture is the before and the second picture is the after. If you can't tell, he really needed a haircut. :) Actually, none of my kids seem to get the 'lots of hair gene' but Colt had about 20 hairs that were 2 inches long growing down the center of his head. So, Jason took the clippers and gave Colt a 3 on top and a 2 around the sides and back. Jason said he also had a mullet in the back that we had to clean up. You can see all the hair we cut in the sink. It wasn't much but it was really fun giving our little boy his very first haircut. (Look how happy that handsome boy is!)

Monday, September 8, 2008

What about Jadyn?

I noticed that I haven't written anything about Jadyn thus far so I thought I would. Jadyn is the most strong willed kid I know. She is so smart and she is her dad's best buddy. If you see Jadyn, she is probably wearing basketball clothes because she says she is a basketball player (which Jason and I would both love). On Saturday night we were taking a bath to get ready for Garth's blessing and I asked whose church we were going to the next day nd she replied, "Heavenly Father's Church." It was so cute.

Look at what I can do....

Just another update on Colt. Just in the last week or so Colt has cut in another tooth (now he has 5), he has started pulling up on things and walking the furniture, and (my favorite thing of all) he can say MAMA!!! It is always a race between Jason and I to see whose name he will say first and- I win!! He is so ambitious and growing up so fast! I think I have finally decided Colt's eyes are brown, like mine, so that makes me happy too! We love this little guy so much! (The first picture is Colt trying to master the stairs- he has climbed up 3 so far before being busted and the next picture is my first vinyl creation on our new machine.)