Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thirty Something

We had another birthday in our family. The kids and I went to Pocatello so we could celebrate Jason's 34th (!!!) birthday since he had to work there all week. A few days after we arrived- Colt became really sick (I was told many times that he probably had the swine flu). So instead of a night out with my honey, my mom took the day off and the girls surprised him at work with balloons and a treat and then they took him to McDonald's. Then my parents helped me pull off a great dinner (steak and potatoes) and a strawberry pound cake with homeade ice cream. We capped off the night with the movie Benjamin Button. All in all it was a great day (minus our sick kid that was puking and going through 15-20 diapers). Happy Birthday Jason!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Jadyn's Birthday

Jadyn just turned 3!! Her birthday fell on a Tuesday and since Jason is always gone to Pocatello during the week, we planned her party for Saturday. I told Jadyn that Tuesday would be her 'fun day' and we would go out to eat at McDonalds (her favorite) and go to a movie and then Saturday would be her birthday with her party and presents. Well, Jadyn's daddy didn't want to miss her real birthday so he surprised us and came home on Monday night (scared me to death but that is another story). I didn't have everything ready to pull off a party on Tuesday with Jason home so we gave her a few presents and still went out to eat and then we played in the sprinklers because it was so nice. She loved it.

For months before Jadyn's birthday she kept telling me she wanted a jumping party with a Minnie Mouse cake. I tried to fulfill her demands. :) We borrowed an astro-jump from one of my visiting teaching groupies and then I made the minnie cake as best I could. Here are some pictures:

Jadyn with some presents- she HAD to have a swimming puppy!

Loving the astro jump!
Jumping with her cousins.

Thanks to all who came to her party, for the gifts, and for those who helped me pull off the perfect 3 year old party! We love having Jadyn for a daughter. She has such a soft heart but she also has a lot of spunk. I cannot believe how fast she has grown. Here is a picture with her daddy the day we left the hospital....memories.... We love you Jadyn!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh Brother!

The day before Jadyn's birthday, I needed to do a little run to the grocery store to pick up a few odds and ends. I sent the kids outside to play while I packed up my purse and diaper bag. When I went outside to load the kids, Colt took off running from me. I of course chased him (he thinks this is such a fun game) and then he tripped and hit his face on our front porch!!
(sorry for the gruesome picture- I took it on my cell phone to show Jason)

He was bleeding everywhere and it hurt him so bad that he couldn't even cry- he could hardly breath. I thought he had knocked his other front tooth out. Luckily, he only BROKE HIS NOSE!! Colt had a big bruise on his nose and a scab above his lip but everything was healed up in about a week. Hopefully all these accidents are making him one tough cookie.

Recently Colt figured out a way to see Tag on the back padio. Whenever he does it, I always think, "How much is that doggy in the window?" He has no fear. As you can see, this is probably another accident just waiting to happen. Oh Brother!