Monday, May 11, 2009

Jadyn's Birthday

Jadyn just turned 3!! Her birthday fell on a Tuesday and since Jason is always gone to Pocatello during the week, we planned her party for Saturday. I told Jadyn that Tuesday would be her 'fun day' and we would go out to eat at McDonalds (her favorite) and go to a movie and then Saturday would be her birthday with her party and presents. Well, Jadyn's daddy didn't want to miss her real birthday so he surprised us and came home on Monday night (scared me to death but that is another story). I didn't have everything ready to pull off a party on Tuesday with Jason home so we gave her a few presents and still went out to eat and then we played in the sprinklers because it was so nice. She loved it.

For months before Jadyn's birthday she kept telling me she wanted a jumping party with a Minnie Mouse cake. I tried to fulfill her demands. :) We borrowed an astro-jump from one of my visiting teaching groupies and then I made the minnie cake as best I could. Here are some pictures:

Jadyn with some presents- she HAD to have a swimming puppy!

Loving the astro jump!
Jumping with her cousins.

Thanks to all who came to her party, for the gifts, and for those who helped me pull off the perfect 3 year old party! We love having Jadyn for a daughter. She has such a soft heart but she also has a lot of spunk. I cannot believe how fast she has grown. Here is a picture with her daddy the day we left the hospital....memories.... We love you Jadyn!!


Natalie Leavitt said...

Wish we could have been there. The cake looks great, by-the-way, tasted great too.

Zoey said...

So fun - wish we could have come too. I'm not one for cake, but that one looks delicious!

Nicole said...

What a fun birthday and cute cake too! I was googling, trying to find any updates on Travis and Mindy's little guy and found your blog - hope you don't mind!