Friday, September 9, 2011

Look Who's 3

Colt celebrates his birthday a few days after Christmas. He was born on Grandpa Kelly's birthday so we have been lucky enough to do a combined party with him each year. This year Colt wanted a race car party.

This is the birthday cake I created for the big day.

Here are the birthday boys!

Colt got more parts to his "Cars" geo-trax and an adventure/discovery kit from his family. His favorite gift was probably a pair of 'work gloves' from Grandma and Grandpa, hands down!

They became baseball gloves, work gloves, football gloves, snow gloves, you name it, he needed his gloves. Right here I think they are sleeping gloves.

Colt just wants to be 10 so he can play football, and basketball, and baseball and be a big kid. I just want to keep him little forever. We are so glad to have this wild, crazy, and fun boy in our family!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Christmas 2010

I know this post (and many, many more) is long over due- but better late than never.

Here we are at Grandma's

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents house this past year. We had a delicious prime rib dinner, sang Christmas carols, and told the Christmas Story. The cousins also had a small gift exchange and then we headed home to get the cookies and milk ready for Santa and carrots ready for the reindeer.

Santa had it pretty easy trip to our house this year- no big toys with major assembly!! Jason and I loved it.

Hallee got Tinkerbell and her fairy friends from Santa. She also got some Littlest pet shops, new black boots, clothes, and a snow hat.

Jadyn got squinkies from Santa. She also got a new bike, helmet, clothes, and a snow hat from her family.

Colt got both Monster Mater and Monster Lightning from Santa. He also got Iron man, a bike helmet, clothes, and a snow hat from his family.

Baby Bristol got a Singa-ma-jig from Santa. She also got clothes and books from her family. (please excuse the half asleep, not cute picture of me and focus on my sweet baby!)

By tradition, the kids got new church clothes for Christmas Sunday. They got to sport them a week early to Jordan's farewell too.

The kiddos

The Girls

My Boys

Colt went through a phase when he wore Jason's socks on his feet AND his hands (clean or dirty as well-I know, gross). Here he is dressed up as Santa. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Christmas Time Activities

We spent the weekend before Christmas in Nampa to attend Grandma Robertson's Christmas party and Uncle Jordan's farewell.

Here are each of our kids with Santa at the party. It appears that Santa has Colt in a choke hold....?. We didn't put Bristol on his lap and I'm not sure why we didn't- would have been fun to have a picture.

We ate pizza, salad and desserts and then played a gift exchange game for the adults and one for the kids. I had to sabotage the kids game so that Colt could get the gift he wanted (the one we brought). It was a Lightening McQueen car and he was convinced that he would "Run so fast and win!" His face was priceless when he opened it.

The following day was Jordan's farewell. We got some pictures with him and our family so we could do a 'before and after'. He gave a great talk and musical number as well. He is now serving in Perth, Australia. Colt is very excited for when he can be a missionary too. He puts on his suit, grabs his scriptures and tells us to take him on his mission.

After the farewell we had a luncheon at Shane and Kim's. We took a ton of pictures. It had been a while since all the brothers and sisters were together so we took full advantage.

all the boys

all the brothers and sisters

brothers, sisters, spouses and parents

the grandkids and grandbabies

parents, kids and grandma

We didn't get one with EVERYBODY....I doubt you could catch us all in one photo. :) We had a fun time but then had to say goodbye to Jordan, which wasn't any fun. We miss him but we know he is a great missionary and is doing what he should be doing. Can't wait to see him again!

The Leg

I had minor surgery 5 weeks after Bristol was born. From genetics and from having 4 babies, I have a severe case of 'vein disease' in my left leg. This is a picture 10 days after the procedure when they stripped some veins out of my leg. It was painful and sore! It is still healing months later and as the doctor puts it, "Will never look like my other leg." Since then I have had some other vein injections and I will still have more work to do in the fall and throughout my life! Bummer!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bristol's Blessing

We blessed Bristol the last weekend in November. She was about 5 weeks old. Aunt Kelsey was in town a few days before and took these great pictures for us (the 2 above).

Bristol's blessing was a memorable one. We were supposed to get a few inches of snow, instead we got about a foot! In turn, hardly anyone could make it and then Grandma and Grandpa got snowed in at our house. We enjoyed the extra time with them, but Grandma Dawn was itching to get home because Aunt Cortney had baby Roxie that day. It was the smallest blessing circle we have ever had but we were happy to have Uncle Jordan stand in for his first baby blessing. Bristol some how ended up on her belly during the blessing- I am just glad they didn't drop her. Jason did a great job as always and we are so glad to have Bristol in our family.

Tooth Fairy's First Visit

Hallee lost her first tooth the last weekend in Thanksgiving. Grandma Dawn, Grandpa Randy, Great Grandma Robertson, and Uncle Jordan were all here for Bristol's blessing so they got to see the big event too. Here is her new grin (but the tooth is almost in now and the other bottom tooth is about to fall out!) Hallee tried to put her tooth in a baggie so she wouldn't lose it, but she lost it in the process! We looked for about an hour before we gave up and she wrote a note to the tooth fairy. It said, "Tooth Fairy My Tooth is Lost." It seemed to do the trick because the tooth fairy still left her $6!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Alvin and the Chippettes!

Our kids dressed up as Chipmunks for Halloween this year. I thought it was such a fun idea- but it seemed to stump everyone because they were constantly asked 'What are you?' Oh well. They had a lot of fun talking like chipmunks and of course, they raked in the candy. Our newest, baby Bristol, did not participate this year- even though she was supposed to be Eleanor -according to the girls and Jason is supposebly Dave (if you can't already tell).

Hallee as Jeanette

Next to her Littlest Petshop Cat pumpkin

Jadyn as Brittany

With her Abby Cadabee pumpkin

Colt as Alvin and Jason as Dave
With their carved pumpkins.