Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baby Bristol

On the 26th of October we welcomed the newest addition to our family- Bristol Lou. She weighed 7 lbs. 6 oz. and was 20 inches long. She screamed for the first 2 hours after she was born so I think the kids were a little weary of her- Jadyn plugged her ears the whole time they visited us at the hospital. We get told often that Bristol looks a lot like Jadyn but the older she gets the more she takes on her own look.

Bristol has been our best baby to date. She still can scream with the best of them but she is a lot more content than our others. She HATED her bath for her first 3 weeks or so and she tries to be a night owl and stay up past midnight every day but she is also a lot of fun. Bristol has also been my only baby with hair and I am loving it! (looks like we have a brown hair blue eyed beauty on our hands). Here are some of my favorite pictures leaving the hospital and her first few weeks:

School Days

Hallee started first grade this year. She is getting so smart and doing very well in her class. But- when school started she would always complain about 1st grade because all they do is work! (not like kindergarten where you can play and have snacks and go home after lunch). Hallee also thinks she is gone ALL day even though school gets out at 2:09! We have had to create a car pool with some other kids in the neighborhood this year because the bus route changed and the bus would arrive at our stop at 7:01 am. Way too early for all these sleepy heads at our house. :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Summer Fun

Before the end of summer, Jason and I wanted to take the kids and do something fun. So, we heard about a water park (a few slides made out of black plastic on a couples lot) out near raft river and we took the kids there for an afternoon. Jadyn and I were a little hestitant but Jason, Hallee and Colt jumped right in. We had a lot of fun together and got a good work out walking up and down the hill. We were all tuckered out when it was time to go home but the kids are already planning a trip back next year when summer comes again.

Hallee's Pink Party

This past year in our new house and new neighborhood, Hallee has made a lot of new friends. So when her birthday came, we couldn't resist throwing Hallee her first friend party. She decided to have a pink party- so everything was pink. We even asked all the little girls (13 of them in all) to come Pretty in Pink. There were pink flower headbands, we painted fingernails and toenails pink, read the book 'Pinkalicious', played a pink birthday bingo, played 'Don't Eat Pinkie!', played Hot PINK Potato, and we ate pink cupcakes, pink icecream, and lots of pink candy. It was a little girls dream! Easy to say we were 'tickled pink' after such a fun party!

Hallee's 6th Birthday

Hallee chose to spend her birthday at the Ross Park swimming pool. Jason didn't have the day off so I took 3 little kids by myself. They had a blast in the kids area and the lazy river. They did not want to leave. .Later that day we ate a spaghetti dinner (Hallee's favorite pick) and then had a family party at home. As usual, Hallee was spoiled. Her big gift was an MP3 player.
We had a fun day celebrating Hallee's birthday. Can't believe she is 6 already!