Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dairy Days Parade

Every year about this time Meridian has a Dairy Days Parade. We have went the past 2 years because my Aunt Sondra lives about a block away from the action and always invites us. This year the weather was not cooperating but my kids were going to that parade NO MATTER WHAT! We almost didn't make it because I didn't listen to my Aunt's directions/advice and then the roads to the parade route were closed- but we finally made it not a moment too soon.

(Cute pink cow but not a very good pic)

Just like last year, the fire trucks made one of my kids cry (last year Jadyn- this year Colt) but other than that and a few rain showers, we had a great time. We got chocolate milks, string cheese, T-shirts, coupons, a few small toys and lots and lots of candy. We left a few minutes early because my girls needed to use the bathroom but my Aunt Sondra had ice cream sandwiches for them back at her house. Thanks again to Aunt Sondra and to Brady for saving the day with candy sacks, camera, and chairs!

All geared up and ready for the parade to begin.

Colt had to dig into his candy right when he got it.

My Aunt Sondra with my kids- Hallee keeping her 'warm.'

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where is your husband when...

Over the past 7 1/2 months, there have been many times I wished Jason was here to help with different situations. Here is my most recent.
I was pulling up to my house and noticed something on the front porch. I couldn't tell what it was- but let's just say I knew it wasn't a package. When the girls, Colt, and I checked it out we found a DEAD BIRD!! I think it had flown into Colt's window and ended its life. I didn't know what to do. I honestly thought I was going to put it into a shoe box and bury it in the vacant lot beside our house. I called Jason to ask him and he told me just to scoop it up and throw it away (good thing it was garbage day). I did what he said but first Hallee had to name the bird Feather. She was very concerned about throwing it in the garbage can. She wanted Feather to be comfortable. I think Hallee asked me about 10 times that day if Feather was comfortable in her sack in the garbage can and even now, about 2 weeks later, she still is asking if Feather is comfortable. Poor little bird.

Monday, June 15, 2009

These boots are made for walking....

As of late, one of Colt's favorite things are shoes. He tries on everything- big shoes, little shoes, girl shoes, boy shoes- you name it- he does it. Colt thinks he is so darn cute when he does it and I have to tell you, he really is!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Biker Babes

When it finally got warm outside, we realized that Hallee needed a new bike because Jadyn was ready for the smaller bike with training wheels (and I ran over the trike last year- whoops!). So Jason and the girls went out hunting for the perfect bike. We only wanted to spend about $20 and I wanted it to be a neutral bike so it could be used for the girls and Colt. We checked craigslist and goodwill- I'm not sure everywhere Jason checked but we were on a time crunch to get something before he headed back to Poky. Well they ended up at Kmart and found a bike the girls couldn't leave the store without. After they got into the truck to come home, Jadyn said to her sister, "Hallee- that is a good looking bike." It is a pinky purple color but it 'sparkles' in the sun (not very neutral). After Hallee rode it the first day she parked her bike in the garage and told Jason, "That is a good looking bike."

We spend some time every day out riding bikes. Hallee does great but she has a hard time starting and she stops herself by riding onto the grass and crashing/hopping off- but she LOVES it! Jadyn is getting really fast on the smaller bike (she calls it the Fast Bike) but she is afraid to go up and down the curb. Now if only we could get Colt on a bike! :)

(Colt trying to put together Jadyn's bike after he saw Dad putting together Hallee's).