Monday, June 1, 2009

Biker Babes

When it finally got warm outside, we realized that Hallee needed a new bike because Jadyn was ready for the smaller bike with training wheels (and I ran over the trike last year- whoops!). So Jason and the girls went out hunting for the perfect bike. We only wanted to spend about $20 and I wanted it to be a neutral bike so it could be used for the girls and Colt. We checked craigslist and goodwill- I'm not sure everywhere Jason checked but we were on a time crunch to get something before he headed back to Poky. Well they ended up at Kmart and found a bike the girls couldn't leave the store without. After they got into the truck to come home, Jadyn said to her sister, "Hallee- that is a good looking bike." It is a pinky purple color but it 'sparkles' in the sun (not very neutral). After Hallee rode it the first day she parked her bike in the garage and told Jason, "That is a good looking bike."

We spend some time every day out riding bikes. Hallee does great but she has a hard time starting and she stops herself by riding onto the grass and crashing/hopping off- but she LOVES it! Jadyn is getting really fast on the smaller bike (she calls it the Fast Bike) but she is afraid to go up and down the curb. Now if only we could get Colt on a bike! :)

(Colt trying to put together Jadyn's bike after he saw Dad putting together Hallee's).


Zoey said...

That is a kicker about Jadyn saying, "That is one good looking bike." We really need to get Faith another bike as well, and I didn't think of Craiglist or DI. I really wish you were here to help me with crazy stuff like that!

Natalie Leavitt said...

"that's a good lookin' bike!!" i wish we had some roads or pavement to ride on at our house. we'll just have to haul our bikes over there.

Shannon said...

I just love that the weather is warm enough to be outside with the kids. My kids favorite thing to do outside is ride bikes so i know how important it is that they have a bike that they can ride!! Nice choice girls--It is a super cute bike!! Sorry I had to change it up a bit.

Sondra said...

Your children are growing up very fast. I love the sparkly purple bike.. I am surprised that Jason had to put it together. I've always bought them alreay built.

Colt is getting big too. I love that he has the boy gene to want to be like daddy. Very cute!

Any luck on selling your house? I'll have to have you over for a barb a que when I have finished painting.. Maybe next week sometime. I'll call you.