Monday, October 11, 2010

Dance Class

I've tried to get the girls involved in a few activities to figure out their interests and find what they are good at. So this summer we took a mini dance class. It was a down right battle to get Jadyn to go the first day but both girls had fun....even though you don't learn much dancing in a month. :) My girls were pretty inseparable at class- they always sat by eachother and were often caught holding hands. On the day of the last class they did a small performance for parents. Jadyn couldn't handle it, she just stood there and started to cry. Hallee danced her little heart out.

The girls also rode on a float for Chubbuck days parade with their dance studio. They thought it was fun until they realized that they only got to throw the candy- not catch it. We will probably try a dance class again in the future because the girls sure love to wear dance clothes!

Silly Pics

This summer my dad was training for a big bike race and most times we were at his house he was getting back or leaving for a bike ride. Colt couldn't resist but trying on all the gear too. He loves to wear shoes but those biking shoes were tricky for him to walk in. Looks like Grandpa will have a biking buddy in about 5 years.
Colt also realized that he had 2 pairs of glasses and thought he should wear them both on his head for about 2 days straight. I think I can thank Grandpa for teaching him that too. Silly boy!

24th of July Celebration

Since we are back in Pocatello, it is tradition to go to the 24th of July Celebration Parade. Jason was gone fishing, but the kids and I met up with my mom and sister to watch my dad, the floats and catch lots and lots of candy!

My dad was on a little scooter with the other members of the stake presidency to lead in the wards in his stake. Each of the kids got a pic with him.

The best in show float was from my dad's stake. It was Jonah and the whale and it was pretty impressive.

My kids also got photographed by the local paper going after all the candy. We had a great time.

My Twenty-Something Birthday

This year we celebrated my 28th (aahh!) birthday back in Nampa. We made a special trip so we could say farewell to Jason's brother and family and then see Jason's sister and family that we hadn't seen forever.

On my birthday eve (if you call it that), all the adults went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Star. Our niece came along because it was her birthday and somehow I got sung to as well with a huge sombrero on my head.

On my birthday I hit up a couple yard sales, went shopping with my hubby for some gifts, ate at Outback and then Jason's family helped to throw me a party. My favorite gift was a new camera from Jason that I still don't pull out and use nearly enough. Still can't believe I am sooo old!

2010 Family Reunion

(Yes, I am this far behind on my blog. Trying to play catch up before baby arrives.)

This year Jason and I were in charge of the Royce/Robertson Reunion. We chose to have it by Lava Hot Springs at a campground called Big Springs Caribou. The weather was a little cool, especially for July, but overall I think (hope) that everyone had a good time. Our family was extra lucky because our friends let us borrow their camper. I ALMOST didn't feel like I was roughing it.

I forgot to pull out my camera the whole time, but took pictures later of a few camping memorabilia. We had t-shirts made for everyone (really wish I would have got everyone wearing them):

And the women made a 4th of July craft while the boys went fishing (for way too long):

We spent one afternoon at Lava Hot Springs pool and then ate dinner at a local pizza place. We got some good laughs from the boys who dared to dive on the platforms.

We had good food, good conversation, and good company. I am just grateful I don't plan another reunion for 10 years!!