Monday, October 11, 2010

2010 Family Reunion

(Yes, I am this far behind on my blog. Trying to play catch up before baby arrives.)

This year Jason and I were in charge of the Royce/Robertson Reunion. We chose to have it by Lava Hot Springs at a campground called Big Springs Caribou. The weather was a little cool, especially for July, but overall I think (hope) that everyone had a good time. Our family was extra lucky because our friends let us borrow their camper. I ALMOST didn't feel like I was roughing it.

I forgot to pull out my camera the whole time, but took pictures later of a few camping memorabilia. We had t-shirts made for everyone (really wish I would have got everyone wearing them):

And the women made a 4th of July craft while the boys went fishing (for way too long):

We spent one afternoon at Lava Hot Springs pool and then ate dinner at a local pizza place. We got some good laughs from the boys who dared to dive on the platforms.

We had good food, good conversation, and good company. I am just grateful I don't plan another reunion for 10 years!!

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