Monday, October 11, 2010

Dance Class

I've tried to get the girls involved in a few activities to figure out their interests and find what they are good at. So this summer we took a mini dance class. It was a down right battle to get Jadyn to go the first day but both girls had fun....even though you don't learn much dancing in a month. :) My girls were pretty inseparable at class- they always sat by eachother and were often caught holding hands. On the day of the last class they did a small performance for parents. Jadyn couldn't handle it, she just stood there and started to cry. Hallee danced her little heart out.

The girls also rode on a float for Chubbuck days parade with their dance studio. They thought it was fun until they realized that they only got to throw the candy- not catch it. We will probably try a dance class again in the future because the girls sure love to wear dance clothes!

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