Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I guess it has been long enough since I updated my blog. I have been waiting for an important reason though- I have pics on my broken labtop that I wanted to blog about (Hallee's birthday, pics from Cortney's wedding, last pics of my house in Nampa). But since I have no clue how to move anything from that computer to this one those few posts will have to wait. Here are a few things to look at until then.


(Colt without his bottoms in his sisters boots)

Colt has learned, much to my dismay, how to undress himself. It all started with his basketball tank tops. He could get his shirt off and walk around with a naked belly and his shorts. I thought it was cute. Well, he decided to take it one step further and learn how to lose his shorts. He is constantly taking off his pants and diaper! He only swizzled all over the house 1 or 2 times but 2 times it was something more (if you catch my drift- stinky!). He is 21 months old and interested in the potty. Colt will sit on it and pretend to push but I've never seen any results and when I really try to get him to go- he gets mad. I've been told to just turn the diaper around so he can't undo it but that isn't the problem- he takes them off like underwear. I'm usually potty training my girls at this point in life but this boy gives me a run for my money! Not sure what to do with Colt- but I am sure I have a streaker!

Blackfoot Fair

Over the Labor Day Weekend, we decided we had better do something fun with our kids so we took them to the Blackfoot Fair. I do NOT do rides and I hadn't been there for about 10 years but we decided to give it a whirl anyways.

We spent most of our time looking at animals. The kids loved the petting farm. We each held a little baby beagle we wanted to take home. There were goats, pigs, turtles, bunnies, and more. My kids were petting everything and Colt was a wild man! He tried to ride this goat. Let's just say I am glad they had hand sanitizer available at the end.
We checked out the livestock (pigs, horses, cows, sheep), let the kids ride the little train, and ate some fair food. (We had funnel cakes and snow cones.) We only stayed about 3-4 hours but I think that is all the kids AND the parents could handle.

First Day for the First of our Kids off to School

This year Hallee started kindergarten. I think it was a little harder for her than a usual kindergartener because we had just moved and she hadn't made any friends yet. But she is doing great- even though every day is a struggle to get her to school. (Hallee tells me every morning when I wake her up and every night when we are getting things set out that she isn't going to school.) She is learning a lot at school and she has made 2 friends that she adores.
Jason took her to school the first day and said that there were a ton of moms crying in the hall. I am glad I didn't take her. I would have been one of those moms.

I was awarded the 'Worst Mom of the Day' award (I gave it to myself). At Hallee's school they have early release every other Monday. Well, the first time she had early release I arrived at her school at 11:50 and when I didn't see any other parents pulling in or kids coming out at 11:55 when her school lets out it dawned on me that it was an early release day! I sprinted inside and found Hallee sitting with her teacher coloring in the foyer. I was 35 minutes late. I almost cried but I just had to promise Hallee I would never forget again and all was forgiven.

My favorite story about Hallee so far this year was on the bus. Every day I put a little snack in Hallee's backpack (it makes her happier to go to school) and Hallee and I have compromised that she rides the bus 3 days and we take her and pick her up 2 days. The first time she rode the bus I asked her if she ate her snack (swedish fish) on the 30 minute drive home. She said, "No. They told us no food or drink on the bus." It was so cute!