Tuesday, August 11, 2009

After 9 Months...

After 9 long months of Jason working in Pocatello and the rest of our family in Nampa- we have sold our house and moved back to Poky! When Jason took the new job back in the end of October, we thought it would MAYBE take 3 months to sell our house. When it took longer than that, I decided that everything would work out as long as we were settled somewhere before Hallee would start kindergarten in the fall. I guess timing is everything because we closed on our house on August 6th but we can't move into our rental house until the 20th and then school starts on the 24th. We will barely be settled by the first day of school- but I guess that's all I hoped for.

We are so excited to be together again but the situation is bitter sweet to us. We loved our house. We loved living close to Jason's family. We loved our ward. We loved the treasure valley (good shopping, better weather, lots of things to do). It was hard to leave. I will miss so much.

Our family has so much to be grateful for and so we are going to make the best of this move. A new school, new ward, new friends, and new experiences all in my old hometown.