Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Snow White or Sleeping Beauty?

On Sunday all of us were downstairs, or so we thought. We didn't see Jadyn so Jason went to find her. He ran downstairs and told me I had to come see what Jadyn had done- and to hurry. I thought she had done something naughty. I ran up there to see the cutest thing ever:
Jadyn had been all dressed up like a princess and passed out up in the bean bag. If you didn't notice in the picture, she has on her own lipstick (chapstick) and princess shoes. All dressed up like Snow White but looking a lot like Sleeping Beauty to me.

St. Patrick's Day

On St. Patrick's Day, I wanted to do something fun for the kids. Jason was gone to Poky so I didn't make green pancakes for breakfast but the girls helped me make green cookies with green m&m's and then I made green fry sauce and green fruit dip for dinner. The girls were very skeptical. I think Jadyn took one bite and then kept telling me, "This stuff tastes different. I just want ranch." All of us wore green shirts and over the weekend, Jason had brought home a ton of green balloons from a party at work. The girls decorated the house with them and played with them all day. I was hoping for a little luck of the irish to get our house sold that day...but it didn't happen. We should have tried to catch a leprechaun. :)
(sweet girls- but where is brother?)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Colt = Trouble

Our little boy has become BIG trouble! Colt wants to get into everything (and he usually does). Lately his favorite things are pulling everything out of drawers and cupboards, putting on his shoes or his sisters shoes, and playing with toys inside the toilet!! The worst part is that he looks right at you when you tell him no and then he does it anyways. If he doesn't get what he wants he throws a temper tantrum. I have never had a kid like him. However, he also does some really cute things now. He can bark like a dog and make noise like a monkey. He loves to get read to, to wear hats and he puckers up with fishy lips to kiss (I will have to catch that one on camera). BOYS!

H is for ...

Last week we were in charge of preschool again. We worked on the letter 'h'. We played with hats, talked about things to do with our hands (I taught them a little sign language), and for the grand finale we made houses out of graham crackers. These are the girls with each of their masterpieces. (Jadyn is also a preschool girl when it is at my house). I think their favorite part was eating them!