Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dairy Days Parade

Every year about this time Meridian has a Dairy Days Parade. We have went the past 2 years because my Aunt Sondra lives about a block away from the action and always invites us. This year the weather was not cooperating but my kids were going to that parade NO MATTER WHAT! We almost didn't make it because I didn't listen to my Aunt's directions/advice and then the roads to the parade route were closed- but we finally made it not a moment too soon.

(Cute pink cow but not a very good pic)

Just like last year, the fire trucks made one of my kids cry (last year Jadyn- this year Colt) but other than that and a few rain showers, we had a great time. We got chocolate milks, string cheese, T-shirts, coupons, a few small toys and lots and lots of candy. We left a few minutes early because my girls needed to use the bathroom but my Aunt Sondra had ice cream sandwiches for them back at her house. Thanks again to Aunt Sondra and to Brady for saving the day with candy sacks, camera, and chairs!

All geared up and ready for the parade to begin.

Colt had to dig into his candy right when he got it.

My Aunt Sondra with my kids- Hallee keeping her 'warm.'


Zoey said...

So much fun! That is probably one of the funnest parades that I have been to . . .

Sondra said...

I'm very glad you made it. When I spoke to the city about the police officer - they asked what his name was... Yah, like you would get that while you were driving. They should know who was there - oh, my goodness... They took the information, but was glad the officer on Franklin and 3rd let you through. My hope is that they will fix this issue. I was thinking about all the Meridian citizens who where turned away by this rude officer and had to return home with their crying kids in the car. He was just a jerk.

They said that everyone has a "bad day".... give me a break. I am sure my comment on facebook got their attention though... It needed to. This is a community event - which doesn't work if you don't let the community "get to the parade"..

Anywhoo. I need to steal the picture with Halle on my lap. It was great! I'm thrilled you went - and if you are still here next year - we will go again. Or... maybe you can travel back for a visit and see it as a vacation.