Friday, September 9, 2011

Look Who's 3

Colt celebrates his birthday a few days after Christmas. He was born on Grandpa Kelly's birthday so we have been lucky enough to do a combined party with him each year. This year Colt wanted a race car party.

This is the birthday cake I created for the big day.

Here are the birthday boys!

Colt got more parts to his "Cars" geo-trax and an adventure/discovery kit from his family. His favorite gift was probably a pair of 'work gloves' from Grandma and Grandpa, hands down!

They became baseball gloves, work gloves, football gloves, snow gloves, you name it, he needed his gloves. Right here I think they are sleeping gloves.

Colt just wants to be 10 so he can play football, and basketball, and baseball and be a big kid. I just want to keep him little forever. We are so glad to have this wild, crazy, and fun boy in our family!

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