Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Did I Say 1 Haircut?





Hallee has been asking me for a haircut for weeks but I wanted to get her 4 year old pictures done before I chopped it off. Well, we got pictures last week and so she has really been wanting a short haircut to her shoulders (that's what she told me). I took about 3 inches off and she loves it! Hallee went straight to her room and put on a princess dress when we were done. Jadyn saw the whole thing and thought she would get in on the action too. I gave her a little trim. She was so excited but so wiggly the whole time. I'm hoping the cut is straight but it is a good thing her hair is curly!


Travis, Mindy & Boys said...

Cute Haircut Girls!

Natlaie Leavitt said...

Love the new dos. And Blair is going to learn how to ride a 2-wheeler tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.

The Royce's said...

Love the cute haircuts!!

zoey said...

Very cute! I actually think Colt's expression in the following post is the most adorable thing ever. We miss you guys!

Sondra said...

Hello Robyn, I saw that you have a blog site on Zoey Michelle's site. I love the picture on the top of you blog... Very cute. I've enjoyed reading your updates. I am glad to have found your blog site. Your house looks beautiful too. I really need to come and see you. Your children are growing so fast.
Love ya! Aunt Sondra

Lance Bettie and Calista said...

that is so cute.
you are brave, i had to take calista to my stylist for her first cut.

you are turning out to be quite the super mom!

Natlaie Leavitt said...

Okay, love the hair cuts, but time to update already. Hope you had fun in Pocatello. Craft show work this week? Let me know when.