Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jason's Birthday

We had a small, rather uneventful birthday for Jason this year even though he hit a big milestone (Mid 30's!!). He had been working in Boise for a few days before his big day, so the kids and I snuck over to his office and left a little surprise for him. Turned out the kids couldn't keep it a surprise but it was fun anyways. The candy gram said, "Hey Big Hunk- We know it's stwinkie to work on your birthday but your hot wife and cute kids wanted to Take 5 minutes and give you a Riesen to have a very Happy birthday." We left balloons and a mess with confetti as well.

Jason and I went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then shared a chocolate sheetcake with our babysitters (my parents). (thought I had taken pictures of the cake and birthday boy but it was so long ago I can't find them!!) Hope you had a great birthday anyways Jason!

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Zoey said...

That turned out really cute!