Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tee Ball

This spring we signed Hallee up to play tee ball. The first day of practice, Hallee told me she didn't like it at all but by the end of the season she didn't want tee ball to end. We had a lot of fun watching Hallee learn the ropes even though the weather never cooperated much. This year she wore the #5 (my old volleyball number). A few times Hallee hit off of the pitch rather than the tee and after some serious coaxing/bribery- she became a very fast runner as well. But if she wasn't running to the bases, she was skipping to her spot in the outfield or back to the dug out. Hallee is such a girl!

Hallee getting ready to bat in both pictures.

Hallee by the pitchers mound playing some defense. (in the middle)

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Zoey said...

Great! You need to change your background.