Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last Day of School and Kindergarten Graduation

I still haven't come to terms with the fact that Jason and I have a kindergartener and now she is ready for first grade! AAAHHH! Hallee did a great job this year in school. She had met every expectation in class and made alot of friends. Hallee loved coming home and showing off her work. She even learned to love the bus by the end of the year.
For kindergarten graduation, the kids in Hallee's class brought white t-shirts and then signed their names on everyone's shirts and wore them for the big day. They sang a few songs to entertain us all and then they each received their graduation certificate. Hallee standing with her classmates ready to sing.

Hallee getting her certificate from principal, Mr. Denton.with her school friends: Shaylie, Hallee, AliviaWith her teacher Miss McNew

After kindergarten graduation on Friday, Hallee had 3 more days of school but she informed us she had 3 party days at school. The weather didn't cooperate very much so the field day and beach day had to be altered but Hallee didn't want to miss a day. On the very last day of school I asked Hallee if she could believe that it was the last day she would be a kindergartener. She replied, "I am not a kindergartener. I am a first grader in training!" She also told me that if her kindergartener teacher saw the kids in her class in the hall next year and they didn't say hi, her old teacher would "punishment them." :)

Hallee on the first day of kindergarten

and the last day

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