Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What a Week!!

We spent the last week (actually 10 days) with my parents in Pocatello. It was an adventure!! On the way to Pocatello, my fuel light came on between American Falls and Poky and I ran out of gas about 30 seconds later!! The gas gauge in the Tahoe has issues (I found that out the hard way) so my husband and dad had to come and 'rescue us.' Sad thing was I could see a gas station about 100 yards away!
That night, Colt was wheezing and was having a horrible time breathing. I got convinced to take him in and get him checked out but all the Urgent Cares were closed and we didn't have a pediatrician in town so we ended up in the emergency room (I do not recommend Pocatello's emergency room BTW). After about 4 hours, 2 breathing treatments, 1 x-ray, and a lot of frustration- Colt was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis. He was given a prescription and is now doing much better.
When we go to Pocatello, we usually bring Tag and let him stay with his 'dog cousins' Matty and Bogey. This time around didn't go so well. He ate 3 of their pillows!! Plus all the dogs were at each others throats. Sad to say but Tag will be staying at home alone when we go on extended stay visits. Sorry boy!
Not everything about the visit was bad though. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and day with my side of family. I got started on my Christmas shopping on Black Friday. Jason and I went to the Festival of Trees together (I am trying to get a picture of us from his work- I will post it if I do). And best of all- my parents were like built in babysitters for the whole week! Hallee, Jadyn and Colt love all their grandparents!!

Here are a few pictures of my kids on Grandma Cindy's piano. Colt especially loved it. He would play a couple notes and then stop to clap for himself. Hallee is wearing Grandma's glasses.


Natlaie Leavitt said...

Sucks to run outta gas, I've only done it once before and when I was single. Looks like Thanksgiving was great, along with other things.

Russ & Katie Ward said...

Bailey got bronchiolitis too! It was pretty close to being RSV but the Dr. just called it bronchiloitis. Did you have to get him a mask and do the albeuterol spray?! Poor little guy!