Monday, January 5, 2009

Colt had a Birthday- Shout Hooray!!

On December 28th Colt had his 1st Birthday!! We had a party at our house a day early since we were headed to Pocatello on the 28th.

Colt's Puppy Birthday Cake.

Here is Colt about to dig into his piece- the puppy's paw.

Colt after he destroyed his cupcake. He didn't eat much but he sure can make a mess!

Colt has been so much fun to have in our family. He is just taking his first steps and starting to talk a lot more. He can say mama, dada, hat, Tag (or dog- not sure about that one), and Grandpa. He loves to play peek a boo and to take everything out of the cabinets. His favorite thing to eat is a pickle and he LOVES to play with phones (I can thank Colt that my cell phone is broken at the moment). He likes to follow his sisters around the house and they really like to have him around too. Having a boy has been a lot different than a little girl. He is not very 'huggy' and 'kissy', he loves to make noise, and to get into things he shouldn't. Colt is an adventure for me everyday!

As I mentioned before, we traveled to Pocatello on Colt's birthday. I-86 into Pocatello was closed when we got there and we spent about 5 hrs in Burley sitting in the car, wandering around the Walmart and finally relaxing at Jason's Aunts' house. What a birthday!! We celebrated with a combined party the following day for Colt and my Dad (Colt was born on his Grandpa's Birthday). We are so thankful to have Colt in our family and cannot believe that he is 1!!

Here are the 2 birthday boys- Colt and Grandpa Kelly.


Zoey said...

I love all of the pictures. They are so much fun! I am excited that you were able to come down last week. I will get our order into you soon!

Sondra said...

Wow!! I can't believe Colt is 1 years old already. How time flies by. I forgot that you had Colt on Kelly's birthday.. That is really cool. You little doggie cake was adorable!

I don't work in Nampa at all and really don't go there. I should have come this past weekend but was busy. As long as this weather is bad - I am not going to come (Sorry). I can't tell you how I hate driving on them.

You should email me and tell me your email address. I'd like to talk to you about some kind of fun vinyl baptism quote I could order for my Primary class. Something to put on a tile/wood or something they can hang in their room. Do you have any ideas? It think the vinyl stuff is cool I loved Michelle's on her blog and I was able to check out your website too. I'd like to order some, but need to figure out what I want.

My email is my first and last name at Hopefully that is cryptic enough. Talk to you soon.
BTW I didn't know you were a scout leader. Do you like it?

B & T Atkinson said...

Before I write some big impressive comment. Let me know if this even posts!

Natalie Leavitt said...

Sorry I missed it, the cake looks fabulous. Happy late birthday, Colt!!

Russ & Katie Ward said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLT! Thanks so much for the treat you left us! It was sweet of you to think of us. We were in Utah for almost 2 weeks! By the way, I left you some weird voicemail awhile ago. The day you called to tell me you wanted to drop something off, we got a plate of goodies on our porch that night with no name who it was from so that's why I called to ask if it was from you! HA (Or maybe I texted you...who knows?!) Anyway, thanks again for the pop! :)

The Royce's said...

I love the pic. w/ Colt & your Dad! What a cute boy!