Monday, January 25, 2010


We had a wonderful Christmas this year. The kids were all old enough to be really excited but little enough to sleep until after 7. We spent Christmas Eve at Grandma Cindy's and Grandpa Kelly's with my side of the family where we had a fabulous prime rib dinner. Then we had a cousin gift exchange, sang songs, read the true Christmas story, and watched a little Christmas movie on TV. Then we ran home and tried to get the kids ready for bed as quick as we could, set out rice krispie treats for Santa (we heard he had too many cookies) and oats and carrots for the reindeer, so Santa's helpers could get to work!
The girls walked through the living room with all the gifts on their way to wake us up so I was very disappointed that I didn't get the excitement and looks on their faces on camera or video tape. Next year Jason and I might have to camp out under the tree. :)

As always, our kids got way too much stuff! Here is Hallee with her loot- Barbie house and Cinderella Barbie from Santa. Toys, clothes and pajamas, and watch bands from Mom and Dad.

Jadyn got a Barbie house and Sleeping Beauty Barbie from Santa, clothes, pajamas, slippers, and toys from Mom and Dad.

This is Colt's mad face. I made him stop playing with his Geo-trax race track from Santa to get a picture. :) Colt also got clothes, pajamas and toys from Mom & Dad.

This is exactly where you could find Colt all day on Christmas- remote controller in hand next to his track. Before Christmas he kept telling us he wanted a horse. He told EVERYONE he wanted a horse. Family and friends were trying to convince us that he needed a horse. He didn't mention the word 'horse' one time on Christmas. Just for the record- race track trumps horse!

Jason got some clothes and a Garmin GPS from me and the kids. I got snow boots, a new purse, watchbands, shirt, and a tanning package- plus the kids picked me out a bright pink scarf all by themselves. The kids also got sleds from Aunt Kelsey and Uncle Marc (they were fabulous on New Years day), blankets from Grandpa Randy and Grandma Dawn, and Princess Barbies for the girls and a Dump truck and Gorilla for Colt from Grandpa Virgil and Anna, CDs from Aunt Tracy and Uncle Brian for the girls and a baseball mitt for Colt. Too much- but we loved all of it!

Then we headed back over to my parents for more presents and a LATE breakfast. We were starving by the time we opened gifts and got over there.

Colt kept carrying around Jason's big gift. He got a new putter from my parents.

Colt got football geat from my parents. He loves watching football and tells me he is going to be a football player. He IS going to be one for Halloween. GO MICHIGAN!!

Jadyn and Hallee got art sets and coloring books. They are constantly coloring!

I got more pieces to my Willow Tree Nativity set, new non-stick pans, pajamas, and an argyle sweater. Somehow, there are no pictures of me.

Even though this is a month late, we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too!

My two favorite boys!


Sondra said...

I'm glad to see your blog - even if it is a month late. You sure were spoiled - but that is what Christmas is for. Both Halle and Jadyn received their own Barbie house? That must have took up a lot of room in Santa's sleigh for one family and two little girls. They must have been extra nice last year. Woo Hoo! It's a cool house.. I want to play!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas back at you!