Saturday, May 15, 2010


We had a busy Easter weekend this year. On Friday night we dyed Easter eggs.


(I told the kids to put on their tie dye shirts and they all came back without pants!)

On Saturday morning, in freezing temperatures with snow on the ground, the girls did the Gate City Real Estate Easter egg hunt. Colt wanted to join in but it was cold and we were running a little late so he stayed (cried) with me in the car. I finally gave in and got him out of the car but the hunt was over so he checked out the Easter bunny instead and the girls shared their loot with him (their baskets were full!). Because of the snow on the ground, many of the eggs ended up with snow inside of them. It was a little messy.
Colt checking out the Easter Bunny.

The girls- freezing- but happy with full baskets.

That afternoon, we joined Tracy and her inlaws for a little lunch and another Easter egg hunt. Our kids got way too much candy this year! All the while we were trying to watch conference.

Sunday morning the Easter bunny came to our house. The kids each got a small toy, more eggs full of goodies, and the movie 'Alice in Wonderland' to share.

I have also made it a family tradition to get new Easter outfits for Easter Sunday. Since conference fell on Easter, the kids wore their outfits the Sunday before. Check out the poses:

I made my first turkey dinner for our family on Easter Sunday. It was a little stressful for me but it turned out delicious. However, there was more turkey than I knew what to do with. We gave some away, I made 2 other meals with the leftovers, and we still had some left. I am probably turkeyed out until Thanksgiving! All in all it was a very Happy Easter.


Just Us said...

I always freeze extra turkey or is great later for soups or casseroles!!

roycecrew said...

Oh my gosh! I love Kolts pose! So cute!