Saturday, October 25, 2008


This weekend we had our first craft bazaar for our new vinyl business. We sat there for 2 days and didn't sell one thing!! :( I still can't believe it. We had good products, good prices, but NO GOOD CUSTOMERS! It was ridiculous. One lady asked us what vinyl even was! (It was at a church in Eagle and we think only their congregation and old people attended.)
(a picture of a magnet board I made)

We are going to try again at another craft fair in Nampa (Nov. 7 & 8- mark your calendars) to sale everything we made and make all the hours and work worth it. But- if you have seen anything cute or know any great vinyl ideas we can make between now and then- let me know.


Heather said...

Robyn, I came upon your blog through Zoey's. Your family sure has grown! I've been wanting to buy some vinyl lettering. Do you do custom stuff? You can just let me know through my blog.---Heather

zoey said...

Hey! I LOVE the board. I might have to get one. Did you even sell anything?