Wednesday, October 22, 2008


On Saturday morning (the day we were getting family pictures!!), Colt fell down the stairs. All the way from the top to the bottom. We don't know exactly what happened but Jason tried to catch him before he hit the bottom and saw him doing backflips down the stairs before landing on his back on the hardwood floor. It was so scary! At first we were looking for blood, then broken bones, then for signs of a concussion but all Colt just ended up with a few bumps on the head (luckily). This is a picture of the worst one.

Jason thinks that we should call Colt 'Crash' as a nickname since you can't shorten his own name and since he is always bonking or falling or something! I guess that is what you get with a little boy. Colt has not been afraid of climbing back up the stairs though. Now I am really just trying to teach him to find a safeway back down. :0)


Wilde Family said...

Poor kid- but that's boys for ya (and girls). We had a man in his late 60's fall down our stairs- SCARY! He survived, but I felt terrible. Colt is so cute- glad he didn't get hurt too bad.

Sondra said...

How SCARY!!! I am sure glad he wasn't hurt. He is so cute - I love that cute picture going upstairs. He is growning very fast.

Kyjah and Brandon said...

Hey Robyn. I found your blog on Bettie's list. How are you? Your fam is cute. Hope things are good. Brandon says, "Hi Ruben."