Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Anniversary

On November 2nd- Jason and I had our 6th anniversary!! We actually celebrated the night before with dinner at Brick 29 and then we rented 'Made of Honor.' Nothing to fancy but a night with your sweetheart is always fun (especially when you can ditch the kids for a while). I am so grateful that Jason married me. He is a WONDERFUL husband and father. These 6 years have flown by. We have graduated college, had 3 kids, 1 dog, built 2 houses, and now we are on our 3 job. Life can be crazy but I am so glad to share it with Jason and always have him by my side.

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Zoey said...

I just love the pictures that you guys have. Where and when did you take them? They are beautiful! BTW, happy anniversary. Sorry that I didn't tell you sooner! Ours is just around the corner too!