Monday, November 3, 2008

Like 3 Bugs in a Rug

On Halloween I dressed all my kids up as the cutest bunch of little bugs!

Hallee- the most beautiful butterfly!
Jadyn- The little lady bug!

Colt- the not so itsy bitsy spider!

The girls did a trunk or treat on the 30th with their cousins Kylie, Kenadee, and Ambree. And then on Halloween we went down town Nampa trick or treating in the afternoon, had the Leavitt family over for homeade pizza and chicken wings, and then went to our old ward's trunk or treat. It was a busy day but we had a great time. Hallee and Jadyn are already trying to figure out their costumes for next year!

Happy Halloween!


Russ & Katie Ward said...

Where is the bug exterminator?? Hehe Did Jason but his pest control shirt on?? Your kiddies look so cute! :)

Sondra said...

awwww how cute is that!! 3 bugs in a rug... very clever. I love you new family picture - very nice!! I love it when you blog so that I can catch up on all that is going on. I do need to come and see you... I'll try to make some time and I'll let you know. Aunt Sondra

The Royce's said...

Love the new pics. And love your anniv. pic too! You guys are such a great family, we will miss you when it's time to move :0( love you!

Zoey said...

Cute pics Robyn! I hope that I can get mine on my blog soon!