Thursday, July 30, 2009

4th of July

This year our family didn't do much for the 4th. We spent the morning packing up and driving home from the family reunion. After unpacking, cleaning, laundry, and a nice long shower- Jason and I were too tired to do anything. It was pathetic. Only later that night when we saw all of our neighbors doing fireworks did we regret our decision.

So, the next day we rummaged up leftover fireworks from Grandma and Grandpa Robertson and came home to have our own little show. The kids favorite fireworks were the smoke bombs. They would ooh and aaah and Colt only tried to run for them a couple of times. After we finished up, our neighbors who had been out of town, invited us to their house for more fireworks. We stayed up way, way too late but the kids, Jason, and I had a good time (and the kids didn't even know we were a day late celebrating :o) .
(I don't know why but I couldn't move my pics in this post so it looks a little silly).

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