Saturday, July 25, 2009

Deadwood Reservoir Reunion

This year was the first annual Royce/Robertson family reunion. We went to Deadwood Reservoir (somewhere in the mountains above Banks). We had to drive on a dirt road for an hour to get in to the place. It was steep and scary and it took forever! At times however, I thought it was beautiful. We saw a deer right by our camp and the kids kept catching frogs.

While we were there we did some swimming, four wheeling, nature walk :), and Jason did some fishing. Colt loved the four wheelers- he couldn't get enough but he kept falling asleep when Jason gave him rides. Make sure you don't miss Jadyn posing in all the pics!

The weather was pretty nice the whole time except for the night I was in charge of dinner. We said the blessing on the food and about 1 minute later it started raining on us. After a while of sitting in the truck, we ended up in our tent. Here is Jason with the kids during the storm (and two little peeping toms in the window- Oakley and Maycee).

The kids loved camping most of all. I have to admit, I was glad to leave the outhouses and dirt behind (no surprise). These are our 3 yahoos leaving in the truck. They were filthy!

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Zoey said...

Filthy, but happy for sure! I'm glad that they had a good time!